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Change Log

Under Development

1.0 (all changes after beta1)

Release Date TBD

New Features

  • data sent to views with setVar is now automatically escaped based on context, using Zend Framework's Escaper.
  • Application Views can override module-based views
  • Theme views can override application views
  • No-cache headers are now sent whenever a user is logged in to protect back-button discovery

Closes Issues

  • #113 - Insufficient escaping in ThemedController
  • #93 - Login Model Fix bad calcul date
  • #91 - Primary Keys
  • #89 - 404 Not Found issue with controllers placed in subdirectories within subdirectories
  • #88 - Added improved documentation and consistency for CIDbModel observers
  • #82 - CIMailService now sets correct email format for HTML emails
  • #81 - Revised session handling in LocalAuthentication for better security and ability to use flash messages
  • #73 - Moved session library to the BaseController so it's always available to detect login status

Additional Changes

  • Upgraded to latest CI 3 versions
  • Scaffolding now works with or without an existing db table
  • Changed default session cookie settings for better security
  • Standardized uses of CIDbModel's observers as much as possible.
  • Migrations for Settings and User_meta tables converted to use composite primary_keys for better performance

Released Versions


March 24, 2015