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Sprint CLI


Sprint ships with a simple CLI tool called sprint. While not neccessary to use to run your CLI-base Controllers, it makes the experience a bit more pleasant and provides some additional functionality when working with CLI Controllers.


At it's most basic, sprint simply provides an interface to the standard CodeIgniter ability to call controllers from the command line. In this case, though, the controllers must extend from Myth\Controllers\CLIController.

The command must be called from the web root, unless you modify the $apppath variable found in the sprint file to point to the main index.php file.

In stock CodeIgniter, you would call a controller like this:

$ php index.php {controller} {method} {param1} {param2}

Using the sprint CLI tool you would make the call like:

$ php sprint {controller} {method} {param1} {param2}
// Migrating the database:
$ php sprint database migrate

If you're using a Linux or OS X system, you make it more user-friendly by ensuring the sprint file has execute permissions on your local machine and PHP is in your $PATH. Then you can call sprint without prefixing it with php.

chmod u+x sprint
sprint database migrate

Listing Tool Commands

When calling a CLIController based tool, you can list all of the commands available within that tool using by simply calling the tool name.

$ php sprint database
// Outputs: 
migrate        migrate [$to]        Runs the migrations up or down until schema at version \$to
quietMigrate   quiteMigrate [$to]   Same as migrate but without any feedback.
refresh        refresh              Runs migrations back to version 0 (uninstall) and then back to the most recent migration.
newMigration   newMigration [$name] Creates a new migration file.
seed           seed [$name]         Runs the named database seeder.

Getting Command Help

If you need additional help on any command within a tool, you can ask sprint to show you it's help by passing the -h, -help, or --help arguments after the command name.

$ php sprint database migrate -h

Displaying Sprint's Current Version

You may view Sprint's current version by passing only the -v or --version arguments to the sprint command.

$ php sprint --version